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The Finest Natural Organic Chemistry Has  to Offer

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Terpene University has the highest quality and largest selection of natural terpenes and terpene strain profiles in the industry.  All of our food grade terpenes are derived from pure essential oils and undergo GC-MS testing by EOU to ensure that each product is free of unwanted contaminants or adulterants and maintains a consistent level of purity.  All of our terpene and terpene strain profiles are ABSOLUTELY 100% NATURAL AND FREE OF THC and other cannabinoids so there are no legal issues to worry about with our products.  Please bear with us as we add more products to the site every day, if you don't see what you are looking for just shoot an email to


Terpene University has the largest selection of precision crafted cannabis terpene profiles of any company in the world.



Longstanding Reputation for Quality with Expertise You Can Trust

Essential Oil University (EOU) does all the testing for Terpene University.   EOU began as a testing organization founded by essential oil chemist Dr. Robert Pappas in 1998.  Dr. Pappas still continues to do analytical testing for many companies in the natural products industry today, specializing in GC/MS analysis and reporting the chemical breakdowns of literally hundreds of different essential oils, CO2s, absolutes and.


As a Ph.D. chemist, Dr. Pappas soon became recognized as a leading authority in the field and was trusted by a long list of clients especially in the essential oil, fragrance, and flavor industries, later branching out into the testing for cannabis extracts and perfecting isolation methods for many of the terpenes and related aromatic molecules.  


Today Terpene University provides the expertise and devotion to quality that many have known Dr. Pappas for over the years and this site will ultimately have the largest selection and most information concerning terpenes and related products of any website on the internet. 


+1 (941) 769-1459

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