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The ultimate superblend of frankincense, utillizing premium grade resins from Boswellia carterii, Boswellia sacra, Boswellia papyrifera and Boswellia frereana.  This blend is very similar to a quad blend Dr. Pappas formulated a number of years ago and used by some big name brands, but now it's even deeper and richer with heavier "incensy" components due to the proprietary distillation process developed at EOU.   Big Oil marketing companies are charging anywhere from $90 - $121 retail for only 15 ml of a frankincense oil of this caliber and this bottle contains 8 times that amount!  We can sell at this price because we are the direct producer and coming direct to you, the consumer, with no middlemen, no upline commissions and no marketing budgets to pay.  Full EOU analytical report with every purchase.

Fantastic 4 Frankincense Oil (4 oz = 120 ml)

  • Specification Value
    Botanical Species Boswellia carterii, sacra, papyrifera, frereana
    Part of Plant Resin
    Method Steam distillation
    Country Somilia, Oman, Ethiopia distilled in Greece and USA
    Class Monoterpene
    Optical Rotation +0.32
    Specific Gravity 0.88658
    Refractive Index 1.47587


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