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Full Spectrum CBD is a further refined product that starts with the crude Total Spectrum CO2 Extract and then we do short path vacuum distillation in order to separate out all of the cannabinoids from the Total Extract.  Also known as our Golden Coeur CBD Oil (Coeur is French for "heart") this product is literally the heart of the extract.  Most all of the terpenes, waxes and plant lipids are stripped away and we collect the golden honey like oil which consists of the Full Spectrum of cannabinoids only.  The pure Full Spectrum distillate is typically around 80% CBD and about 2-4% THC (so cannot be legally sold as is and has to be diluted down in order to get THC below 0.3%).   Our stock tincture of Full Spectrum oil is 2000mg CBD/30ml, which is about the maximum concentration we can sell without going over the legal THC limit. 

The benefits of a Full Spectrum oil are better flavor and less harshness. Its also much easier to work with Full Spectrum distillate than the crude CO2 Total Extract and the ability to get higher potency tinctures without going over legal THC limits. Overall it's a smoother product and basically the cadillac of all CBD oils because it contains the full cannabinoid profile without any of the negative flavor and formulation aspects, but all this comes at a price because CBD tincture oils made from a good Full Spectrum oil will be considerably more expensive than tinctures made from crude or isolated crystalline CBD.

We make our Full Spectrum CBD Tincture by dissolving the Full Spectrum Distillate into a base of Kosher/Food Grade Fractionated Coconut Oil to get the final desired 2000mg concentration of CBD with a typical THC concentration of 0.2-0.3%. The Full Spectrum CBD oil is the best choice for those wanting a high end product with the best flavor profile and the maximum potency. Full Spectrum oils will be much more effective than oils made from essentially THC free crystalline isolate which cannot provide the "entourage effect" because isolate doesn't have the other cannabinoids. This product is sold unflavored but can be flavored to your specification for a slight upcharge. We have a variety of stock natural flavors which we will make available on this site very soon, but we can also create basically any flavor profile you want or duplicate an existing flavor if you have a sample that you can send for anlysis.

While considerably more expensive than Total Spectrum Oil, we make this tincture available very competitively with prices starting at $2000 for 1kg, $1500/kg for 5kg and $1100/kg for 15kg. When purchased at the best rate it allows the reseller to have around $31 per 30 ml bottle in materials costs for a 2000mg strength, giving them plenty of room to compete in the market place where this strength typically sells from $169-$199 per bottle.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil (KG) - 2000mg/30ml Strength

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