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Product Description


  • Appearance:  Colorless to Pale Yellow Liquid
  • Organoleptic:  Minty, Peppermint, Fresh
  • CAS Registry Number: 491-01-0
  • Other names: Cyclohexanol, 5-methyl-2-(1-methylethyl)-, (2R,5R)-, (2R,5R)-5-methyl-2-propan-2-ylcyclohexan-1-ol


SKU: CHNMenthol
  • Specification Value 
    Purity 90%+
    Primary Bio-Activity N/A
    Chemical Class Alcohol
    Molecular Formula C13H22O3
    Molecular Weight C10H20O
    Boiling Point @ 1atm 214-216°C
    Flash Point 93.33°C
    Optical Rotation +12.00 to +20.00
    Specific Gravity @ 25ºC 0.9000 to 0.9030
    Refractive Index @ 20ºC 1.459 to 1.4650
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