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Product Description



  • Appearance:  Colorless liquid
  • Organoleptic:  Odorless
  • CAS Registry Number: 7541-49-3
  • Other names: 
    2-Hexadecen-1-ol, 3,7,11,15-tetramethyl-, [R-[R*,R*-(E)]]-; trans-Phytol; 3,7,11,15-Tetramethyl-2-hexadecen-1-ol-, (2E,7R,11R)-; (2E,7R,11R)-3,7,11,15-Tetramethyl-2-hexadecen-1-ol; 3,7,11,15-teramethyl-2-hexadecene-1-ol-, (2E,7R,11R)-; (E)-Phytol; 5016-81-9; 3,7,11,15-Tetramethyl-2-hexadecen-1-ol; 3,7,11,15-teramethyl-2-hexadecene-1-ol; 3,7,11,15-tetramethylhexadec-2-en-1-ol


SKU: CHPhytol
  • Specification Value 
    Purity 99%+
    Primary Bio-Activity Anti-Inflammatory
    Chemical Class  
    Molecular Formula C20H40O
    Molecular Weight 296.531
    Boiling Point @ 1atm 203-204°C
    Flash Point 187°C
    Optical Rotation N/A
    Specific Gravity @ 25ºC 0.852-0.854
    Refractive Index @ 20ºC 1.463-1.464
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