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Total Spectrum Extract is another name for the CO2 Total extract.  We call it a total extract becasue we are pulling the total botanical profile from the plant.  The total extract will include all the extractables including all the cannabinoids, terpenes, waxes, lipids, etc.  The crude CO2 Total Extract (also known as the "mud" becasue of its consistency, see picture above) is typically 50-55% CBD and also includes a total profile of other plant nutrients that are not included when a Full Spectrum distillate or purified isolate is used to make the tincture.  This has both pluses and minuses as far as the consumer is concerned.  The plus side is that the crude CO2 Total Extract has the total profile of the plant and because it is the least processed of all the options of CBD starting materials it will be the least expensive of all tinctures.  The downside of using a Total Extract is that it contains harsher and more bitter components that some people are sensitive to and occasionally complain of experiencing a slight throat burn, nothing serious and is easily alleviated by drinking a beverage right after. In my experience the burning is very minimal and goes away rather quickly if experienced at all.  Since the higher the concentration of Total Extract used will lead to increased bitterness, we typically max out our tinctures made from Total Extract at the 750mg per 30ml level (25 mg CBD per ml).  We make the Total Spectrum CBD Tincture by dissolving the Total Extract "mud" into a base of Kosher/Food Grade Fractionated Coconut Oil to get the final desired 750mg concentration of CBD with a typical THC concentration of less than 0.1% (well under the federal legal limit of 0.3%).   The Total Spectrum CBD Tincture is the perfect choice for those wanting a total profile of cannabinoids, terpenes and other plant nutrients who can appreciate having some natural cannabis flavor in the background and who want the most affordable product possible.  This product is sold unflavored but can be flavored to your specification for a slight upcharge. The best flavor combo to use with the Total Spectrum Tincture is the Dark Chocolate Mint flavor that is used in the famous Dr. P's Dark Chocolate Mint Miracle. The combo of the natural cocao and mint do an excellent job at covering up the "weedy" flavor that some find objectionable.  


We make this tincture available at a very attractive price point, especially in larger sizes, starting with just 1 kg for $750.  1 kg should allow for the production of 35 of the standard 30ml retail bottles.   At 5 kg the rate drops to $500/kg and at 15 kg or more the price drops again to $350/kg.  So as you can see, when purchased at the best rate it allows the reseller to have around $10 per bottle in materials costs for a 750mg strength, 30ml bottle, giving them plenty of room to compete in the market place where this strength typically sells from $79-$99 per bottle. 

Total Spectrum CBD Oil (KG) - 750mg/30ml Strength

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